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Goldkin’s Copic Commissions 2: Queue Order

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These are in random order, via

  1. Sovrim
  2. Seafisheater
  3. Arkon
  4. Dranalith
  5. Solei
  6. Zordrak
  7. Golder
  8. Teadurgon

I’ll be working on these across the next week. Thank you for commissioning me!

[CLOSED] Goldkin’s Copic Commissions 2

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The first set of these went great (completed images), so let’s try this again!

I will be doing a block of expression sheet commissions. Everyone replying here will receive one or more illustrations of their characters with goofy grins, silly poses, or whatever they wish within reason!

Please read this full post. It won’t take too much of your time, promise!

What you’ll get

  1. Each person replying to this thread will receive one Copic portrait illustration entirely for free, distributed digitally.
  2. Everyone who tips $5 or more will receive one additional Copic portrait illustration per $5, distributed digitally. The maximum is $20, for a batch of 5 (4 plus the freebie).

That’s a total of five lovely illustrations if you tip $20! These numbers are fair for the cost of materials and the amount of time these take me. I won’t begrudge tips exceeding $20, but they won’t have any additional benefits other than my gratitude!


  1. Requests will be open until Friday at 9AM United States Pacific Standard Time. (If I get completely flooded, there is a soft cap of 100 slots in this current batch, though I may take more.)
  2. Requests will be completed at a rate of approximately one a day, posted to social media at the time of their completion. I will also create a post here when the batch is done. Resolution is capped at the high-resolution settings for Twitter, but I can provide high dpi images upon request.
  3. Illustrations can be of the same or different characters (up to a maximum of five, if you tipped $20 or more).
  4. Props for your character (including silly hats, Hawaiian shirts, monocles, and whatnot) are allowed. Please give a brief description of what you’d like drawn if you request these! References are also welcome.
  5. Your illustrations will be constrained to a single side of an A5 sheet of sketch paper for up to three illustrations or two sheets of A5 paper for up to five.
  6. Commissions will be completed in pseudorandom order. This is to allow anyone a shot at an early commission, without putting strain on people in non-US timezones. I use as my randomizer.
  7. To reduce confusion, please request only your own characters. If you want a batch of interlinked illustrations (say, to signify a relationship), please have each person ask for their own character separately. These may be batched together within reason.
  8. By requesting here, you assert that you claim ownership over the characters and references that you send me for purposes of making art for you. Please only request illustrations of characters you own. DO NOT request illustrations of copyrighted works or other things that could get me in trouble.
  9. Please provide reference images and one or more themes you would like for your illustrations. As before, these can be the same or different for each illustration that I do for you.
  10. All illustrations and themes must be PG. Please keep your references PG as well, because I might want to stream these or show them informally to other people. If you want PG13 or adult work, ask me privately, and it’ll go onto a separate commission queue.
  11. All illustrations I create here will be posted publicly to social media, primarily on my account on Twitter. If you’re not comfortable with this, please contact me privately for a separate commission.
  12. Limit one-to-two A5 sheets of illustrations per person. You are on the honor system here. Please do not sock puppet or use alternate accounts to request multiple slots, as these will deprive other people of timely access to their requests. If you’d like more than one illustration, please contact me privately here or on Twitter so I can schedule a commission just for you!
  13. I will be maintaining a separate account just for these commissions. If I become aware that I cannot complete your request for any reason, your tip will be refunded in full. I will even pay the PayPal transfer fees.
  14. All public images I release here will be covered generally under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. However, the recipients of each request may do whatever they please with their own illustrations. Just please give credit where credit is due. 🙂
  15. These illustrations will be produced on a best-effort basis. Refunds after a work is completed are not guaranteed, but may be provided if you are not completely satisfied. Please read PayPal’s terms of service and summary of  changes, including those effective November 18th, for a summary of your rights if you choose to tip and aren’t completely satisfied.
  16. I may allow small changes to illustrations for you within one week of their completion. Please let me know. But, do understand that I also have a day job that may prevent these changes from being immediate. Do keep them reasonable!

Request Form!

Please reply to this post, filling out the following fields in your response:

  1. What character or characters would you like me to draw for you?
  2. What expressions would you like these characters to have in my illustration for you?
  3. What references do you have for these characters? (Please provide at least one image reference per character. Text references are difficult to get right!)
  4. What theme or themes should I try to follow when drawing your characters?
  5. Did you tip? Give me some details so I can verify it! (Letting me know who you are when you tip is usually fine. If you forgot to do so, just reply with the last four digits of the invoice ID or send it to me privately.)
  6. What name would you like to be credited as? (This will be used when I post your illustration to social media.)


If you desire to tip, here’s the shiny button! (It’s a generic PayPal donation link for now. I’ll sort that out eventually.)

Donate Button

And now that all of that’s out of the way…

Reply forth with the art that you’d like!

Goldkin’s Copic Commissions 1: Completed

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Thank you to everyone that commissioned me! Here are the results. I included a bonus commission I did for Tysha during this block, courtesy of her Patreon reward tier.

These all came out great! I only had one redo, which you can find here.

I’ll be opening new commissions within the next couple days, open through the end of next weekend. These will be expression sheets: a bunch of lovely icons for you to use of your favorite (bust) poses and expressions. Look for that soon!