How to: escape LiveJournal

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A few months ago, LiveJournal moved its main servers to Russia. Its community noticed. Now, they’ve changed their ToS in ways that will probably make you rethink keeping a blog with them.

One of the easiest ways to get off the platform is to migrate to Dreamwidth. Some, however, may desire to take the extra step of archiving their content offline, be it to keep a backup, enable easier searching, or just plain not risk their data with a new owner.

For this, I recommend ljdump, which still seems to be maintained and is very simple to use. Note that you will need to download Python. Basic proficiency on the command line to use this tool is helpful, though a GUI is also available on the project’s Github page.

Alternatively, you can also use simpler tools from the command line if you feel so inclined. Wget is a good option (ie, wget –mirror, but may be a bit cumbersome for users that want a friendlier tool, especially for getting the cookies necessary to log in for private comments.

Here are some additional archiving resources (helpfully linked by siderea):

PS: I have chosen to delete my personal LiveJournal account as of today, as I ceased posting to it some time ago. You can find its old content over on Dreamwidth.

The blog you are currently reading, of course, is where I will continue to post new content.

One thought on “How to: escape LiveJournal

    solarbirdy said:
    April 9, 2017 at 11:46 pm

    JournalPress will let you echo WordPress comment to Dreamwidth, by the way. (And Dreamwidth has had more activity since the migration started than DW and LJ combined for years. It’s kind of nuts.)

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